Update on the baby's nursery

Yes I know.. we had a perfectly fine nursery ready for this baby with Landon moving on to his big boy room. However, I always had an idea of what I wanted out of a baby's nursery and this time around I decided to try and achieve it on a fairly low budget. I'm trying to make it fairly bright and happy and practical for the future so we're not re-doing anything!
Alright! Some update photos...

There is a chair that I would really like to get for the room but it's only sold at American Walmarts and it's currently out of stock.. grrr! Hopefully i'll be able to get it before baby comes :)

I also still need to make a cute painting for the wall by the crib.. i'm thinking a cute owl sitting on a branch in the colours of the room. Also thinking of making a crib skirt to tie the room a bit together too..

The room still needs a few things for sure but it's coming along :) My mom is going to make a nice change pad cover with the fabric I have draped on it in the photo & I'm going to use that same fabric for a cute pillow. I am planning on making a cute owl mobile using these owls I made out of felt plus a few more that i'm working on. Anyone have any other good ideas to include? What else does the room need?
Thanks for reading! I'll post some final photos when the time comes :)


  1. love your nursery girly! the owls are flippin cute~

  2. Thanks Sharstin! Just finished the mobile today :)


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