Last Big Project... for now!

Well here is the last big project I am working on and it includes more lovely furniture painting that I love OH so much! :-p I bought a dresser at a garage sale down the road a few weeks ago for $12 and am now wishing that I had a photo of it to show you.. I'm painting it white just like the dresser we did for Landon's new room. The problem however is that the holes that are in the drawers are not a standard size.. grrr.. so I need to fill the holes and then go from there. I plan on putting similar handles on this dresser as I did for Landon's room.

Anywho.. this dresser is replacing my dreams of having this lovely sideboard I've wanted for my downstairs area. I plan on using it for storage for some kids things and for things like wrapping paper and all those extra things that you have no room for.

I've got two photos below.. one is the dresser in progress and the other is the little picture wall that I've made for above the new dresser/sideboard. A few of the photos are staying and a few are being replaced! :)
Okay, the pics!