A Busy Week!

Well, this week was the start of a new thing.. I began looking after a new little girl this week. For the past 10 months I have pretty much had 'twins' during the week as I had my Landon and his friend Hailey. They are now 22 months and i'm adding a new challenge to my daily routine. Out go the ways of the past 10 months and in come some new ideas and changes.

The new little munchkin I'm caring for during the week is 11 months old and absolutely precious, which makes the transition all that much easier :) It means that we change our napping schedules and perhaps do less stroller walks and instead we use the wagon... I'm sure it will take some getting used to for both myself and kids, but I'm super excited to expand our little group!

Perhaps it doesn't really help that I'm 5.5 months pregnant at the moment and i'm insanely tired, but I'm so excited and feel so lucky that I get to look after my friends' children :)
Anywho! Here is a quick photo of what I was looking at a few times this week :) (My belly and three adorable munchkins :)