I'm Going to Be a Mommy Again :)

Well.. it became a little more real over the past week that we are going to be new parents again! The ultrasound was a little painful since I had to pee so badly, but besides that it went great :) We got to see our little munchkin on the big screen for the second time, but for the first time we could tell it was an actual baby (first time was at 7.5 weeks).

It was amazing watching it move it's arms and legs.. we didn't get to see that with Landon's ultrasound, so that was a treat. The tech was great; she showed us how she took the measurements and what the measurements meant in terms of development (all was great! I feel so lucky :)
She took a few photos for us and now they're hanging like beautiful artwork on our fridge.

This coming Saturday is the big reveal day. We have booked a private ultrasound to find out the gender. They no longer will tell you on Vancouver Island what the sex of your child is at a routine ultrasound. You need to book a private 2D or 3D ultrasound and pay the extra moola. Landon was a surprise, and that was fun and all, but I'm super excited to find out early with this one.
I know everyone wants a girl, it's very obvious, but you get what you get and whatever we get will be perfect :) If we have a girl then we will have a boy and girl = thumbs up! If we get a boy then Landon will have a brother to grow up with doing awesome little boy things with = thumbs up also!
So.. we'll see what happens! Fingers crossed that they can actually tell what it is and we don't have to wait longer :)