Thinking about new rooms!

I've been trying to hold off on planning Landon & new baby's rooms but I'm 15 weeks preggers now and I'm diving in!

Okay.. so for baby's room it will depend on if it's a boy or girl(which we plan on finding out in Feb.). I think we are going to keep the squares we have on the wall and perhaps change one or two of the colors.. if it's easy enough. I'm going to update the crib by selling the old one and getting a simple, cheap and more modern one from Ikea. As for a change table, I have already sold Landon's old one and am planning on getting the dresser below and sticking a change pad on top. The room is tiny so I might as well save space where I can!
As for colours.. I have no idea what I want to do yet.. I'm thinking it will come to me after we find out if it's a boy or girl in there.

Here is the rocker I hope to get from Walmart in the states. It's only $160.. which is insane considering I can barely get a plain wood rocker for that much here.. never mind a decent looking cloth one. I've seen it on a few design blogs so I'm hoping it will look just as good in our nursery.

This is the crib we hope to go with. It's from Ikea. So it's super simple but I can spice it up with some fun fabric. I plan on making a fun crib skirt to go with the other colours in the room.... whatever they may be :)

So picture the white crib in here instead and some different fabric in the crib too. I plan on having a neutral crib sheet with a crib skirt that I am going to make(i hope) ! Oh, and the curtains.. they're hideous! So picture some cute ones that I also hope to make with my own hands.. perhaps to match the crib skirt :)

This is the dresser I plan on using. I'm going to buy one of those change table pads and stick it on top, and whammmo, you have your change table :-p

On to Landon's future room; he will be moving in to our now guest room and the guests will have to sleep downstairs (don't worry, we're keeping the bed.. you won't be on the floor!). I have found a ton of colour schemes that I love.. but my hubby just isn't in to them. So we're keeping it plain and simple boy.. but i'll spice it up with some extras.
Here is my inspiration room! I'm hoping to do the exact same blue wall color and then have the other three walls stay fairly neutral.
I love the pops of red around the room but I'm not too sure that I can incorporate such a cute chair as they did here in the photos. I hope to add some red with other cute things on shelves and his lamp. Perhaps a red table instead of the blue one shown here? we'll see. We already have a bed for him that was once his Great Grandfather's, which is pretty darn cool. It's a darker wood colour, but I think it will work just fine in the room. As for a dresser, i'm hoping to paint his current one white.. so we'll see how that goes.

I would love to do a huge wall decal on one of the walls.. but our walls are textured :( So sad.. Instead I might be able to put a bright red decal on one of the doors as they are smooth.. any ideas? perhaps fire trucks? We'll see what i can find on Etsy :)

In my inspiration room they have the large Expedit bookcase with 8 square.. That's just too big for Landon's little room, so i'm going to op for this one shown below.

Well, that's all for now! I'll update with more ideas as they come to me :) Please let me know what you think as I am definitely no designer!


  1. Love the ideas! I think both will look great, we have the simple white Ikea crib and it is a perfect neutral for awesome bedding. Check Etsy for fabrics as well. Can't wait to find out what you are having!


  2. Thanks! I have been searching Etsy like crazy but just can't find too many fabrics that I love.. I want something bold and modern-ish.. i'll have to keep searching!

  3. The blog is looking good Dayna. Love all the room ideas for both baby and Landon, curious what your original thoughts were because there is not one part of the inspiration picture you posted that I dislike for wee Landon!! It looks like a room you would create on your own too because parts of his room remind me of the beautiful daycare space you created :) Go for it sista!!


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