Baby #2 Is in the oven :)

I'm so happy to announce that baby Mottishaw #2 is in the oven! As of right now I am 14 weeks along and I hope this little one sticks, it sure feels like it will :) The official due date is June 30th, but who knows.. this one could be early like Landon.. or.. late :-p After the miscarriage I was pretty freaked out about having another one but for some reason this little baby was just meant to stick! Over the past few months I've been sick most days but nothing too horrible. I actually welcome the preggo symptoms as it gives me a nice reminder of the fact that the baby is still in there and growing.

I've heard the heartbeat a few times now at the midwife and we had an early ultrasound at 7.5 weeks just to make sure all was okay. At the start of February we have our routine ultrasound and later on that month we hope to find out the sex! That's right, no surprises this time! I have an inkling that it's a little boy in there.. but we'll soon find out!

Just over the last few days the belly has really started to pop out.. I'm thinking that I will definitely be bigger this time around. Anyways..besides the extra weight I've put on already I'm feeling great and I LOVE being pregnant again :)

As for names we've been tossing a few boys names around but we haven't decided on anything.. and even if we had it would still be a surprise! So no, i'm not telling you :)

The job before June is to move Landon in to his big boy room and get the nursery up and running for the new little on to arrive. I think it will involve some new paint, an attempt at sewing, and a trip to Ikea :)

My 12 week belly! Our blue eyed beautiful boy at 20 months