Bob the Bobcat

Over the past two weeks there have been work crews building a new sidewalk on the road near our house. So close in fact that you can see them working if you look out the window. The kids can hear the machines going by and it has gotten to the point where when they hear a machine they start pointing to the window, yelling 'BOB' for Bobcat(which I taught them just a day or two ago), and if I don't lift them up to look out they just lose it! It's quite adorable actually :)

So instead of lifting them up and having the other one get jealous I have pushed the couch over to the window and stuck the munchkins on top so they can look out the window at the same time. They point, say Bob, chat with each other and are truly enthralled with the whole thing, it's just priceless!

Here are a few photos of the kids enjoying their view.

Every few weeks or months I tend to find someone's blog that I just LOVE! It has happened again people... this blog has just sucked me right in! A lovely woman writes about her family and what goes on in their daily life.. or every few days I guess. It also helps that she has an awesome life with a great vision for design and is also a wonderful photographer.. oh, and she has two amazing munchkins and one more on the way. I'm inspired by her design choices for both her house and her kids' wardrobes.. my goal is to get my munchkins to look at least 1/5th as stylish as hers but perhaps for a little less money (since i'm so darn cheap!).
It just makes me feel like I'm off in her little lovely world and it's quite fun!
A link to her lovely blog:

Here is our adorable baby boy sporting some cutie pie clothes... this is what the blogger I'm liking lately has inspired me to go and dress him like. Her little boy is always sporting the converse shoes with collared shirts :) Love it!