16 things about Landon

Our little Landon is now 16 months, and has been for a week or two now, but I thought I would write down 16 things that I love about him...

1. His amazing red hair
2. His open mouth kisses
3. The proud look on his face when he walks
4. The way he snuggles with the kitty.. or steam rolls him
5. His long eyelashes
6. The adorable dimples
7. The way he calls for the kitty
8. When you ask him if he wants to go to bed he signs 'please'
9. If you ask him if he wants a snack he makes this happy sound, meaning YES!
10. He loves anything crocheted, even some of my scarves, but especially blankets
11. He says 'bok bok' for chicken, 'baaa' for sheep, and 'kak kak' for ducks :)
12. He gives his dad snuggles
13. He loves to play in the dirt, any dirt, anywhere.. he'll find it!
14. His favorite toys lately have been any types of trucks.. vrrrroooom
15. Oh.. he sleeps through the night, and has been doing so for months now, but I love it!
16. He just melts my heart and I want to gobble him up every time I hear or see him