Life Goes on.. and with a smile too!

Well, with that not so exciting event that happened a few weeks back I thought the rest of my summer was doomed. But it has been picking up like I had never thought it would :)

We've done all kinds of fun things, including one amazing night out with some girlfriends that I could definitely not have done if I was preggo. I'm talking, feeling like I'm 18 dancing on speakers at the club kind of night people! We've visited my family & friends in Chilliwack , had my cousin and her kids visit us in Victoria, spent time with my mom while she competed in Dragon Boating here in Victoria, and now I have my three lovely aunties in Victoria for a few days. The Island is lovely and all, but I need to stop making excuses for not getting off it more often, I love seeing my family and friends. Thankfully so many of them have come to see me :)

I'm finally reading a book! I haven't done much in terms of reading for pleasure in the last year or two. I find it hard to find a book that I'm really in to. I'm just about finished Eat Pray Love. Gotta get this one finished in time to watch the movie in theaters :)

I know.. my posts aren't really about anything, they're about everything. Just my weird way of communicating I guess.

I'm so pleased with my gardening as of late! The gardens around the house are finally starting to take shape and make our place a little more homey and a little less.. unorganized and blah! By next year I plan on having the back fence replaced, cedars planted along the back, a few new trees planted, a gate installed(darn deer), perhaps a deck built (i really hope so), and maybe one of those pergola things built in the back corner that I can hang a hammock from. Long list.. but totally doable! Oh yeah, and I'm starting to work on our crappy lawn.. we have about 5000 dandelions taking over at the moment and my goal is to get rid of them and have a nicer lawn by the end of next summer! My friends Michelle and Dennis have a lawn that is quite inspiring :)

Anywho.. the aunties should be here any minute, so I better get this place in tip top shape :)

Thanks for reading!