Following Through

Well, over the past few weeks I really have been following through with my desire to get this darn place organized! My sister Amanda came to visit from Australia and she really got me going on this organization thing. She just has so much darn energy, I don't know how she does it.. oh wait, she is young and doesn't have any kids.. that'll do it!

Anywho, we organized almost every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen! It felt sooo good! I got rid of all the crap I didn't need and tried to put things in more appropriate spots. We then moved on to the linen closet where I bought a few Rubbermaid containers to hold a few things we don't use too often. The closet is super organized and actually functional! Woo :)

I think next on my organizational list is defintely the garage.. this is going to be a big one. I mean.. huge.. our garage is a disaster! My husband is going away for a few days coming up so I think I'll tackle it one night when I'm bored.. we'll see how I do. I've already called a service to pick up my unwanted clothes and other goods free of charge! Thinking ahead for once :)

That's all for this topic :)