Summer Has Arrived!

It finally has arrived, and with a bang at that. It went from barely reading high teens to 30 degrees in a matter of days. That's alright, i'll take it!

It's just the one little girl that I am caring for now so the three of us are spending a lot of time together. I have two car seats so we're free to roam wherever the wind may take us, and boy does the wind blow here :)

Our Summer trips so far:
- Beckwith Playground & water park
- Crumsby's cupcake cafe
- Majestic Park
- Horner Park
- Willow's beach with Courtney & Isaac
- Our backyard to play around in the pool :)
- hmm.. where else.. the library
- The mall to check out the indoor play area & pet store
- Visiting the ducks up along the Cedar Hill Golf Course
- Kindergym
- not too sure if i've forgotten some or not..

Places we still need to go:
- Ocean Discovery Centre
- Tumblebums
- A bunch of playgrounds & water parks
- forgetting what else I had on my list...