Storyboard for our bathroom reno

As a great idea from my friend LL(Lauralee) I'm going to attempt to create a story board showing ideas I like for our new bathroom. Our current bathroom is kind of gross. The floor is some old lino, the sink has gazillion cracks in it, the faucet is disgusting, the walls need a lot of attention, and everything overall seems to be a little outdated. To save some money we may keep the toilet we have as it seems to work fine and looks alright. The tub/shower combo we are also keeping in order to save some money. We will however get some new clear class doors on the shower and we're hoping to tile around the tub to give it an updated look.
I'm in the works of getting quotes from a few different companies for a new vanity and over-john type thing for storage above the toilet. Then we'll need to search for granite and an undermount sink that will fit in our 18" deep vanity. Notice that our bathroom is pretty skinny, our door just barely misses our current 22" deep vanity when we close or open it.
Anywho.. here are a few photos for ideas :)

* Hope to have a big mirror with dark wood edges
* The tile shown is what I'm hoping to use on the floors (12 x12 tiles) and smaller ones surrounding the shower.
*The top right vanity photo is closer to what the color of ours will be, we're not too sure on what exact color of granite top we'll have but it will be lighter in color like the ones shown.
* Above is the faucet I love :)
* The lights shown are ideas of what I like.. we haven't decided yet though.

Here is a photo of our current bathroom. The new vanity will be in the same location as it is now, but it will be a few inches less deep. There will also be a 6 inch deep cabinet above the toilet... now picture a nice mirror above the vanity and some nice lights hehe.
Anywho, that's all for now! Wish us luck! Also, if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to let me know :)


  1. Hey - these photos are great. Those light fixtures look exactly like the ones I saw on sale at Canadian Tire last time I was there. They were a nice Debbie Travis brand, so you may want to check them out for under $60! I like the tiling too!!


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