Ready for 2010

Well, 2009 has come to an end. It was filled with moving to Vic, having a baby, going on trips, and making new friends! I can't wait to find out what 2010 has to offer me and my family :)
We're starting out on a pretty happy note as we are off to Cuba next week as I won a trip on The Ocean radio station. We actually just got home from a little send off party down at Laurel Point in Vic where we got to meet everyone that is going. Quite interesting to see that over half of the people going actually paid for tickets.. for some of the group this is their fourth time going on a trip with the radio station.. interesting.

Earlier today I was checking out my friend's blog about their home renovations and it got me thinking that I should perhaps aim to start blogging more often. I think i'll try to aim at posting things on here that I would maybe not post on Facebook. Wish me luck!

Landon sure has been zooming through the milestones lately. In the past two weeks he has learned to sit up, clap his hands, say mum and mumma, and his first tooth has poked through! I wonder what will happen next :)