Donations for Cuba

So i've been reading up on bringing things with us to Cuba when we go to give to the locals. I think i'm going to look through our things to see if we have any baseball caps and perhaps a spanish/english dictionary that we can give away. I'm hoping that we can visit an elementary school there and ask if they mind some donations.

Here is one of the lists I've found online of what to bring for Cubans:

Art Supplies, Musical instruments, guitar strings, pitch pipes, tuning forks, sheet music, theatre make-up, ballet slippers, anything baseball or football related, bike tire repair kits, aspirin, vitamins, school supplies, toys, spanish/english phrasebooks or dictionaries, and summer clothing.

If you know you're going to see me or could see me within the next few days and want me to bring something along to give away, please contact me :)