Cubafied !

Well, we have gone, relaxed, and returned. Twas a good trip overall, minus a few drawbacks such as food poisoning and hungry mosquitoes.

It was interesting to learn about the country through different Cubans that we met. Some of the things they do down there just seem so interesting.. for example, all education and health care is free for all, anyone can hitch hike and if you have a certain coloured license plate you must pick people up, Cubans are very proud people yet they do accept gifts that they cannot afford or possibly find on their own. There are many interesting things that we learned while down there but I won't bore you with anything more.

Since it was my first time staying in an all inclusive I wasn't too sure what to expect. Overall I was a little dissapointed, mostly because of the food I guess. On our third day there I got food poisoning.. and believe me, I wasn't the only one that experienced this. As we went with a huge group of people from Vancouver Island (others that won their trips or listen to the Ocean radio station), it seemed that about 15 out of 40 people got sick on the trip. Seeing as this resort is a 5 star.. that's pretty pathetic. After getting sick from food I was also super weary about trying new foods, so that was a bummer, but I wasn't about to go through being sick again just to be adventurous.

The trip was relaxing though as we had Jeff's parents along with us, which was great! It was so nice to be able to share Landon around. This allowed us to go for walks on the beach as just the two of us, or eat dinner in peace :) If you ever think about bringing your youngsters on vacation with you, consider bringing some grandparents as well.

Some of the highlights of the trip - swimming in the warm turquoise waters, swimming with the dolphins and being shot up in to the air about 10 feet, traveling to Havana, meeting locals and giving away goods, and watching Landon experience the ocean and pool.

Even though we had a good time, I couldn't believe how nice it felt to come home to our home. Perhaps because I have never been away from our new house for this long before, or perhaps because I had painted our main room just lately. It felt so darn nice to walk in to our clean home that we have begun to make our own.