The Single Life

Finally I have reached the end of single mommyland. Jeff has been away for almost four weeks now and I must say, it hasn't been so easy being a single mom. Of course I'm used to being alone with Landon during the day, but around 4:30 or so I am really looking forward to sharing him with his daddy. Thankfully Landon is a great sleeper most of the time and gives me nice chunks of time during the day to clean, cook or relax.. however, he's not usually sleeping when I need him to the most. It's been a challenge but I have really enjoyed spending so much time with my little munchkin.

While Jeff has been out of town I kept fairly busy for the most part. The first week was brutal as I had nothing planned and a few of my baby groups/meetups had been canceled! Arg! After that, time flew by! Landon and I hopping on the good old E & N (Esquimalt & Nanaimo) railway built by Mr.Dunsmuir himself (Geography lesson coming back to me from Uni) all the way from Victoria up to Ladysmith. Jeff's Mom picked us up and the next day we zipped up to Terrace/Kitimat to visit with Jeff's brother, his wife and their two adorable munchkins Caleb & their new addition, Logan. The plane rides went well for the most part, it was just the layovers in Vancouver that were a bit brutal in terms of Landon napping. I nursed Landon on the take offs and now I think back on it as I have just read another frustrating story about a mom being asked to cover up while nursing on the plane. I don't remember covering up much at all now that I think about it. Babies need to be nursed, it's a natural thing, get over it people! Thankfully I didn't have any rude comments or stares and all went just peachy :)

This past week Landon and I hopped on another plane, this time an eight seater, over to Abbotsford where my Mom picked us up. My Dad also came home that day as he has been working for about 7 months now up in Toba Inlet on the coast of BC. He works as a Lineman and this has been quite the trip for him. He has been living on a barge and literally working in the sticks, being flown in by hellicopters and wading through three feet of snow. He sure was glad to be home and very excited to head off on an adventure to Australia soon. Anywho.. we spent a lovely three days out in Rosedale, meeting up with old friends and their kids and doing some shopping at the local jumbo craft sale. The plane ride back to Vic however.. was, well, very interesting. We flew right through a lightening & hail storm! Super bumpy plane ride with lightening all around us and hail pounding the tiny plane. As we landed you could see something weird on the runway. It was covered in hail! Neat, yet not so fun when you're alone and carrying a baby on your front.

Lastly, this past weekend my two friends Kelsey and Chrissy came for a visit. It was so very nice to see them and to show them where I've been living for the past 8 months or so. We did some much needed shopping and took in the Santa Claus parade downtown. I was sad to see them go :(

Well, thanks for reading.. i know I'm not the best writer and definitely not the best blog writer, but I like to write things down so I can think about what I've been doing for when I do my scrapbooking & to share my thoughts with family and friends :)