Busyland here we come!

I must say, our summer was pretty busy. But these last few weeks we've had a lot of time on our hands as we've stayed in town and all of our activities have been on hiatus. But.. September is the month for busyness to begin! All three of us in the household will be starting new things this fall :) I am starting to play field hockey again, but for Victoria .. this means i'll be on a new team with new peoples. I actually just had my first practice tonight and boy am I going to be sore. So that means I will have one practice a week and games are on Saturdays. I am also taking a course that will outline all of the things I need to know about running a LNR (License not required) daycare.
Jeff is going to be playing ultimate frisbee two days a week with me joining him on one of the nights if all is well with Landon. Also, Landon and I will be starting swimming lessons with a group of mommies I know, so that should be fun! On top of all these things there are also the two weekly free workouts at the malls plus the different activities offered by the Baby Sightseeing group that I am a part of.

Landon has been growing like a weed! His favorite thing to do these days is to play with his toes as he lies on his change table. His bulky cloth diaper prevents him from doing this all the time so I let him be diaper free as much as I can :)

Hmm... what else is new? I've started planting Fall bulbs! I've picked up a bunch of different types of daffodils, crocuses and allium.. plus i've dug up the tulip bulbs we have and I'm going to move them to different spots (the deer ate them all up last year). I'm so excited to see what it all looks like next spring! I've also been planning the garden for next year in terms of perennials.. it seems like whomever lived here before us really didn't plant much, so there are no nicely established trees or large shrubs. Anywho, I'm excited to plant everything but I guess not until May or so :)

Oh, and I have been garage sailing up a storm and watching used victoria like crazy for toys and furniture for my future day care. I've been putting up things on the walls like numbers and colours, i'm so happy that we have space for me to do this in our house :)

Anywho, that's all for now! Thanks for reading :)