Summer Days and To Do Lists

Well, Summer sure has been keeping us all busy. It seems like every weekend is filled with trips up island or over to the mainland to visit with family and friends. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just go go go. I know that once Fall is here i'll be wishing it was Summer again!

With every day that goes by I'm enjoying motherhood more and more :) Our little baby boy is learning new things every day, making new sounds and faces, and changing the way he reacts to things like sleeping. Hmm.. let's see, my favorite things thus far are making him smile, hearing him coo, and cuddling him when he's sleepy.

This past weekend Jeff and I headed up to Parksville for our friends Leif and Jenn's wedding. The wedding was set on the beach and it was gorgeous! Jeff's Mom and Dad looked after our little man and Jeff and I could spend some alone time together, which was much appreciated.
This weekend we're off to the mainland for my friend Trieneke's wedding and to visit with my family. My Mom is so excited to see Landon! Last time I was at my parents with Landon he totally slept through the night three nights in a row! Hopefully it happens again :)

Well, we've got a few things on the To Do list for our house. Not that anyone should really care.. but I'm going to list them anyways :)
Things we're hoping to do inside are: get the guest room set up, renovate the upstairs bathroom, paint the hallway & trim upstairs, and paint the living room and dining room. My goal is to have all done by this Christmas.. am I crazy? Perhaps! But I don't mind painting :)
Things we're hoping to do outside: Build a fence, plant a bunch more perrenials in the front, convert the pile of rocks in the back in to a flower garden, fix up the shed, and build a deck.. oh boy.. this could take years! :) Oh well, it's a work in progress!

Alright.. that's all for now :) If anyone ever comes over to Victoria, make sure you drop us a line.. I would love to see friends!