Well, I am officially a Mommy :) Sure I was one a month or so ago but now I really feel like I am. I have started to get the hang of life with my little man but I sure have had some difficulties. My incisions kept me from doing a whole lot in the first few weeks and breastfeeding has been quite the struggle for me. However, now I don't feel any pain at all in my incisions and Landon and my boobs are starting to get the hang of things, thank goodness!

Everything has changed! Now I'm on Landon's schedule, which is fine, but it did take some getting used to. He feeds about every 3 hours or so these days with a little bit longer stretch happening at night. During the day I usually feed him and then right away we go and get something done, whether it be errands or a nice long walk.

Landon is growing up a storm! When he was born he weighed 7lbs 7oz. and was 19 inches long. He has been eating like CRAZY and now at 5.5 weeks he weighs 10lbs 15oz. and is 22 inches long. He's starting to change so quickly with his puffy cheeks, rolls on his legs, and he's starting to follow us with his eyes, turn his head, and lift his head up to look around. It's so neat to see him change, but at the same time it reminds me that he is going to grow up so darn quickly!

My body:
It sure has taken a toll.. doesn't help that I didn't really do any exercise the last few months of pregnancy! I lost 20lbs within 2 weeks of delivery and now I have 20 more to go. I'm eating pretty healthily but I know the pounds are not going to drop off magically. Today I got the okay from my midwife to jump on the exercise train so that is exactly what I am going to start doing tomorrow. I'm pumped! All of my pants and shorts only fit halfway up my thighs.. so i'm definitely excited for some of those to fit again :)

That's all for now, thanks for reading!