My Birth Story

Well, Jeff and I had planned for a drug free homebirth and well, we ended up with something slightly different. I’m sure I’ll soon forget the pains of labour/birth and recovery as having this healthy baby boy in our arms is worth every second of it.

Here is the timeline!

Thursday, April 23

5pm: Water breaks while floating in a cooled down hot tub at Jeff’s parent’s house

8pm: Meet the midwife at Victoria General to get antibiotics because I’m Group B strep positive

9:30pm: Quickly do the belly cast before my contractions start! (I’ll post pics of this soon)

11pm: Contractions are starting up

12am: Back to the hospital for another dose of antibiotics ( have to have them every 4 hours)

1am: Contractions are getting stronger

4:15am: Midwife arrives, contractions are pretty strong

5am: I’m 5cm’s dilated! Woo! Contractrions are super strong, baby is posterior so I’m experiencing crazy back labour

8am: The moms arrive to help Jeff out! I’m moving from room to room to shower to ball, trying it all out. Midwife checks me again and I’m 8cm dilated! Woo! Moving quickly, or so I think. The shower ran out of hot water twice.. not fun!

11am: Pain is getting crazy, I’ve been feeling the urge to push for a while now, midwife checks me, I’m still 8cm – stuck!

1pm: I decide I need some relief, and the baby is not moving any further, heart rate still great though! Time to move to the hospital – worst car trip EVER! Felt like an hour long. I labour at the hospital for a while, I’m exhausted!

2pm: Screaming for an epidural – baby is still 8cm and head is not turned fully yet, still posterior. I get relief and take a 45 min or so nap, thank goodness!

3:30: I get to start pushing! Exciting J But contractions are irregular so they start some plutocin.(not caring about spelling here). Contractions get stronger and I can feel a lot going on down there which was nice.

6:30: Midwife calls in a doctor to see if he can use the vacuum to help the baby out, he tries this 3 times or so, no luck. He says he needs to do an episiotomy, I say go fo it! Get the baby out already! He does this and then tries the vacuum again, after two more tries the baby is just about out when the vacuum pops off. He says we need an emergency c-section. The baby’s heart rate was still pretty good, but I think I was bleeding quite a bit so I had to be under general anesthetic.

7:14: Landon Andrew Mottishaw is born and handed to Jeff in the hallway after being checked out. But, Jeff doesn’t know the sex yet! Our plan was for him to be the first to tell me what the sex was before anyone else knows. So he held our little boy for about 40 minutes without knowing it was a little boy. After I wake up he is told the sex and then comes in to tell me. It was a great end to a longgggg experience.

Now: May 7th!

I'm on the mend! My body is quickly recovering and I'm able to walk around and sit without being in pain, phew! Landon is doing great as he is already up to 7lbs 11oz after starting out at 7lbs 7oz and then losing 10% of his birth weight. Jeff and I are quickly adjusting to life as parents of a newborn and are excited to watch our little man grow.


  1. wow, what a great story! how exhausted you must've been by the end of it all!
    Congratulations to you both again, I'm sure you'll agree becoming a mom is one of the most exhilarating experiences.
    Enjoy your lovely little man-he's precious!


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