Homeless and 30 weeks Preggo!

Moving talk:
Well, we have now moved out of our condo and all of our goodies are in a storage locker. This past Thursday night Jeff and I made the big move with the very generous help of our friends. It was a long day as we did the moving after a full day of work. Thursday night, Jeff, myself, and Linus our cat slept on an inflatable air mattress in our bedroom. Friday night we stayed over at our friends' place in Burnaby where we finally relaxed and took it easy. Saturday night we headed over to another friend of ours where we will be staying for the next 2 weeks or so. We're so thankful that we have such nice people to put us up :) We will officially be in our new place on March 13th!

Pregnancy talk:
Jeff and I finished our last prenatal class today - it was a doozy of a class today, 6 hours long! We learned a lot, met a lot of nice couples, and it really gave us a taste of what is to come. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant! AHH! Approximately 10 weeks or so left until we're a family of 4 (must include Linus). I still have the same complaint that I've had all along - sleep deprivation. Now it has moved from pains in my legs at night to pains in my hips. Besides these pains, life as a pregnant lady is pretty sweet. I love how my belly is growing rounder by the day and how our little baby loves to kick and move around almost constantly. It sure is starting to seem real!

Other talk:
Officially I only have 6 days left of work until I go on leave. I'm hoping to have up to a total of 10 more days if I get called to TOC on the days that I'm not at my contract position. I'm going on leave so early partly because it is a natural break with it being spring break and all, and also because these are the dates for taking possession of our new house in another city. I'm feeling a little guilty both in terms of leaving the students that I have come to adore, and leaving the staff that have come to rely on my services within the school. It will be sad to leave, but I know I will come back and visit to check on the students :)