All Moved In!

Well, we're in the new house!  It's great! It's bigger and better than we remember and we are quickly finding out how we want to organize our things. So far we have most of the upstairs organized and parts of the downstairs. It feels so good to have things put away/organized. The actual move went so smoothly, thank you soooo very much to everyone that helped us out, we couldn't have done it without you. We were also so very lucky to have friends to put us up for the two weeks that we were homeless, so thank you :) 

Pregnancy: My belly is definitely growing quickly these days and the little one is moving around like crazy, it's great! I'm pretty sure it is still head down, which is good, and it seems to turn quite often so I feel it's back or butt bulge out. We're narrowing down our names list but are not going to say anything until the baby is born. Ooh, I got my new stroller! We decided to go with the Phil and Ted's jogging stroller and I cannot wait to try it out! 

Leaving Work: It was sad leaving work this past Friday. The staff even sang me a cheer/song and gave me a gift, it was so sweet, I even cried. I'll blame it on the hormones :) I most definitely think that I will go back and visit before the end of the year so I can show off our little one.

New Town:  So many changes are happening in our lives right now, including moving to a new city! We have a lot to check out still as we don't know a lot about the area. We do know how convenient everything is though, traveling to the grocery store takes maybe 5 min, even if you go to the really good one that's 'wayyy further' away hehe.  My highlight today was going to Home Depot and finding out that they have parking spots for Moms and Moms to be! What a sweet life :)  Anywho, that's all for now! Thanks for reading!