Stressful Times!

Well, the belly is definitely growing quickly these days, and my weight is going up accordingly. I've gained quite a bit thus far, a whopping 23 lbs! Oh well, i'm eating quite healthy and exercising quite often as well, so hopefully it will all melt off afterwards..hopefully. Jeff and I visited the midwife yesterday to get the little bean checked out and all seems to be okay. I'm measuring exactly where I should be at this point, and the heartbeat is at ~150 beats per minute. Only 100 days to go until the due date! AHH!

On another note I have been stressing out about our living conditions. Our condo went on the market on the 23rd of Jan and we accepted an offer just this past week. Now we just have to wait for subjects to be removed (fingers crossed!). If all goes well then we have to be out at the end of February! Yikes! Jeff and I are off to Victoria sometime this weekend to house shop and hopefully find us a place to live! Extremely exciting times, yet stressful as well. We didn't think we would have to find a place so quickly. Wish us luck!

Baby is kicking up a storm these days, goes on for hours at a time! I'm so excited to be a mommy!

Thanks for reading :) Have a great week!